When we change our story, we change our life

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Reflection - Choose Well

Powerful stories have been coming through, and coming true, for centuries of inventors, engineers and freedom fighters. Think what a story a plane was at one time, or a space shuttle, or equal rights for minorities.  I think if you can tell the story and feel good about it, that’s a great start.

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Call to action:

  • See your story.  2 simple ways to see your story is to practice mindfulness (just observe what flows into your mind) and journal in ‘stream of consciousness’ (just write what flows into your mind) for a few minutes. Start with 2 minutes and try to move up to 20. You get a direct insight to your mind, while outside the framework of your mind.  Very tricky but very insightful.  Stick with it. Breakthroughs come with consistent attempts.
  • See yourself as the story teller.  This is about you in power-author-mode vs. disempowered-victim-mode.
  • See what stories feel bad. Connect emotions to body sensations – your body is a very accurate measurement device!
  • Change your inner talk to the emotion you want to achieve  – whatever feels good or incrementally good.  Again, go with what feels good in your body to help you measure incremental shifts. What does feeling good look like?  If you want to be empowered, choose empowering language in your thinking.  If you want to feel free, choose freeing-thought language. See freedom everywhere you look. If you want more peace in your life, choose to frame your thoughts in peaceful ways and release all resistance. And so on.

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