Coaching with me:

Coaching is typically eight 60 minute sessions over the phone or Zoom video conference.

Setup an initial 30-minute consultation, by using the contact form.

  • I will give you some insight to your goals and actions you can take away to do on your own.
  • And if you want it, a very reasonably priced coaching package to consider.Why How Circle

Start slow and you’ll go fast!  Checkout the Change Cycle Blog or Name the “Why” Ingredient Blog for some insight on the coaching journey.




What people say:

“Sunita is a wonderfully kind, talented and thoughtful coach. She is incredibly intelligent, but also extremely approachable. Her gentle nature makes it easy to confide in her, and her intuition is spot-on. Between her engineering background and her training as a coach, she is one of those rare individuals who balances the left and right brain beautifully. She has helped me see creative possibilities and solutions for my issues, and following a session with her, I feel more peaceful, encouraged and resolved.” — Sunny Joy McMillan, Attorney + Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

“Sunita helped me organize a way to accomplish side projects that had been sitting on my desk for years. She also helped me understand more about myself, what I need to succeed and what I really want out of my future. After each coaching session I always feel like I have a new lease on life, a new perspective and a better understanding of my goals and how to achieve them.” -Emma

“While I have never used the words out loud it is fair to say that I have looked at Sunita as a both a positive role model, and mentor. As a positive role model Sunita embraces hopefulness, positivity and exudes trust, by that I mean you can trust her and she encourages you to trust yourself. As a mentor she shares her insights and ways of looking at situations to help you broaden and assess your perspective. Every interaction with Sunita is a positive one.” – T.H.