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“I’ve never done it, but I can do it.” An attitude to build a career — and a life — on.

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A 50th Birthday party is a big milestone, both personally and career wise.   Our good friend had a party in his home, and I caught up with his parents, and how they were doing in their retirement. I heard a story that I hadn't known in the twenty-one years of knowing them. I listened to Brian, [...]

10 Tips for Leading with Deliciousness: Tip #7 – Work in Style

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One of the expectations of any leader is to achieve results. If you work against people's volition or conative style it can feel like you're pushing through a lot of resistance. Whereas if you can tap into people's instinct for doing things, you'll find work --and results-- flow easier. Volition is to do with will [...]

10 Tips for Leading with Deliciousness: Tip #3 – Opening Lines of Communication

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One part of being of leader is to foster communication with your team to bring that diversity of knowledge and insight out into the open. People don’t naturally open up if they don’t feel safe. If you don’t actively and purposefully foster the relationships with all levels below you, you may be missing critical information [...]

What a life coach can learn from a swim coach

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Learning something new can cause you to compare yourself to the seasoned peers, leaders and teachers around you.   Then this “compare and judge” thinking brings up all kinds of “lizard” brain issues around failure, success, self-worth and validation.  This can lead to despair and flirting with the idea of quitting. I remember this feeling in [...]