Systems Thinking

When we change our story, we change our life

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Reflection - Choose Well

Powerful stories have been coming through, and coming true, for centuries of inventors, engineers and freedom fighters. Think what a story a plane was at one time, or a space shuttle, or equal rights for minorities.  I think if you can tell the story and feel good about it, that's a great start. ..Read More [...]

Excelling in Science and Technology Careers – 3 uncommon tips

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SelfCare 320

March is National Engineering Month in Canada.  It's celebrated with many events across the country involving volunteers in the profession and students who are encouraged to get involved, learn and be inspired. I'll be volunteering with students at The Durham Popsicle Bridge Building Competition, and also going into the classroom to talk to high school [...]

Brain Drain to Brain Gain

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Today, I had the privilege of meeting Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hearing him announce the Canada First Research Excellence Fund at the IBM Software Lab in Markham, Ontario. I also met some students from Victoria Park School who are in First Robotics.  They told me they are planning on going to University of [...]