Brain Drain to Brain Gain

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Today, I had the privilege of meeting Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hearing him announce the Canada First Research Excellence Fund at the IBM Software Lab in Markham, Ontario.

I also met some students from Victoria Park School who are in First Robotics.  They told me they are planning on going to University of Toronto and University of Waterloo to name a couple.

In addition I met a masters student from UOIT who is working with Dr. McGregor who works on, as Prime Minister Harper says in the video, “Big Data on Little People”.  She told me she works at Sick Kids and that hospital is near and dear to my heart as I’ve been a past client for surgery there.  Sick Children Hospital is truly a place of magic and miracles and love.

All of this just inspires me:

1) Canada has talented young people who are doing some amazing things. Here today, I met some of our future, and they are into robotics and helping preemies!

2) Canada is leading the G7 in terms of having the most highly developed workforce for our economic size.  They said that we’ve gone from Brain Drain to Brain Gain due to the investments the government has made ($11 billion since 2006). Relatively speaking Canada is a giant when it comes to the brain trust of people who are working for a better future for the entire world! Today’s announcement is a major breakthrough in public policy. We’re investing in people and the future for positive change and we’re a leader in the world for doing this level of investment.

3) IBM is a partner in this. IBM is not just a company, it’s a research company that is changing the world by collaborating and employing very smart, passionate and dedicated people.  Wow!


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