Follow Your Dreams – It’d be Foolish Not To

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Today is April Fool's Day. A day of traditionally pranking others in the name of fun.  Sometimes it means getting people to believe something that is not true and the fun is seeing them believe it, and then revealing - shockingly-  how untrue that belief was. I think most of us don't want to have [...]

Stillness | Wordlessness | Doing Nothing | Going Nowhere: Time Hack for Work-life Integration

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My kids call me old-school when I have these ideas they think are from my childhood that no longer apply to modern life. Like the concept that kids can walk around a new neighbourhood and make friends with other kids who are actually outside, and go play together without electronic aids.   “No Mom, they tell [...]

Excelling in Science and Technology Careers – 3 uncommon tips

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March is National Engineering Month in Canada.  It's celebrated with many events across the country involving volunteers in the profession and students who are encouraged to get involved, learn and be inspired. I'll be volunteering with students at The Durham Popsicle Bridge Building Competition, and also going into the classroom to talk to high school [...]

If… you could feed 2 wolves within, which one would you feed?

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Reflection - Choose Well

"If" is a poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1909, 2 years after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for literature.   Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book and notably declined honours several times such as being knighted, the Order of Merit, and the British Poet Laureateship. Kipling was called on later in the 1920's by H. [...]

Unlock Secrets of Learning Math & Science (powerful mental tools I learned after I studied engineering)

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You would think that mental tools that help you learn better, especially abstract concepts related to math, science, and engineering, would be critical to know during those heavy homework years from Grade 9 to Grade 12 and then through post-secondary education. Now I see that I spent more time than I needed to on courses [...]

Creative thinking technique to list 10 things project managers can learn from Santa Claus

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Creativity can often mean not thinking too much or finding a novel way to approach an objective. I was thinking about writing a post about 10 ways Santa Claus is a great Project Manager considering the scope (all children), timeline (1 night) and cost ($0) are some pretty tough constraints for any project manager to [...]

Brain Drain to Brain Gain

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Today, I had the privilege of meeting Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hearing him announce the Canada First Research Excellence Fund at the IBM Software Lab in Markham, Ontario. I also met some students from Victoria Park School who are in First Robotics.  They told me they are planning on going to University of [...]