Engineer turned life coach?

That’s me. My engineering and project management career has always led me to ask better questions and find simpler solutions. When life threw me some curve balls, I naturally responded.  I found those same skills work great at solving life’s challenges like mitigating stress, finding balance between rest, work & play, and answering that all important question: “What do I want?”.   Profile Pic 640

Navigating life, mindfully.

A good coach knows and will tell their client that the wisdom to change their life already exists within.

Wisdom isn’t the issue. In fact, it’s  overflowing in every client I’ve ever worked with.  Listening for it, and then following that guidance is where the work begins.   This is work that takes focus, which is why regularly scheduled coaching sessions can keep you on track.

There are common themes my clients often go through and once we break it down, and actually experience it, their own unique playbook to life is a practical tool they have going forward.

Common themes that impede a joyful, peaceful, happy life:

  • We don’t know and have not been taught what our mind is and how it works and why mindfulness meditation is an essential skill to have.
  • We don’t know and have not been shown what a growth mindset is, and how to use it to rationalize fear and stress.
  • We don’t know and have not been shown how to heal feelings of blame, both self-blame and blaming of others.
  • We don’t know and have not been shown the change cycle that we all go through and why confusion, tiredness, sadness, and overwhelm are signals that we need to sit in stillness, question our beliefs, and stop doing,  rather than jump to action or numbing behaviours.
  • We don’t know and have not been shown how our interoception senses and emotions have all the data we need in the current moment and how to interpret them accurately.

It’s unbelievable to me that in all my education as an engineer followed by leadership training in project management and two decades in the work place,  that I’ve never been taught the skills I actually need in life. What I’ve learned in life coach training, at Case Western Reserve University in emotional intelligence and University Toronto in Applied Mindfulness Meditation is what I bring to my clients now.

I would love to work with you and show you the simple yet effective tools that exist.  Simple, not easy — but together it’s easier.