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Navigating life, mindfully.

Sometimes as a working professional you get to a point where questions like “Am I enjoying my work?”“Is my health at risk because of job stress?”,  and “How will I be able to keep going at this pace in 5-10 years?” become top of mind.

I’ve been there and I wasn’t even aware of these questions.  I was so busy fire-fighting and juggling, that there was no time nor energy to stop and think about the big picture; but my family and even my own body was paying a price.  After a few wake-up calls, I decided to slow down, and figure out a different way forward.

When I first engaged in a coaching relationship, the thing that struck me the most is how good it felt to talk to someone, break down a problem, and create an action plan that had a sense of success.   This essentially is what I did in my project teams at work, except we always tied it back to the project charter or the design specifications.  I had never taken the time to create these kinds of statements for my own life.  And to do this requires slowing down and being mindful of what’s going on inside.   This is what a coach supported me in doing and what I support my clients in doing.

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